Santa house Visit

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What to expect?

Give your children and friends the memory of a lifetime that occurs when Santa arrives at your house. The children’s eyes turn wide open and the look of wonderment as Santa arrives with a bag full of presents and the sound of HO HO HO.

What are your responsibilities as the person in charge of your house Christmas party-

  1. Book Santa Jim and please pay Santa either at the beginning or at the end when he leaves.
  2. Make sure your guests arrive at least 30 minutes before Santa arrives. This is important for so many reasons. The children need time to adjust to the new environment and friends that have been invited to your party. Also there is nothing worse then people showing up when Santa is already into his show.
  3. Have a separate chair for Santa to sit on and make sure there is an area where the children can sit on the floor.
  4. Because Santa sings songs please have all T.V’s and radio music off
  5. If there is any special information about any children that Santa needs to know about, make sure he is aware of any situations.
  6. If you can put name tags on the children, it helps Santa immensely.
  7. Santa is not only for the kids but for the adults as well. Santa will get Grandparents aunts and uncles involved so everyone has a fun experience.

Santa Jim looks so forward to making your Christmas party an event that you and your family and friends talk about for many years to come.

Santa (Jim) will travel to Niagara region for a house visit or company Christmas party.

Book Now! Don’t wait because he gets booked in advance.

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